25 September 2012

Class 4's demoreel. You can read my mentor's opinions of my work below!

Areas of strength: Fonzo has good ideas and a solid grasp of animation fundamentals allowing him to execute his ideas well. He has an excellent attitude and work-ethic. He communicates well and participates in the Q&A sessions in a thoughtful way. I'm impressed with how quickly he picked up the process of animating a character with lip-sync. Overall very good work.
Areas of improvement: Fonzo can benefit from keeping his work as simple as possible and focusing on the animation rather than spending energy on cameras and editing. Fonzo's work will look stronger and more finished if he pays close attention to the relationships of the hips/chest/head (and arcs of all the joints of the body) and the overlapping action required to give sharp motion a realistic edge. He's very close, but can get another level of refinement in his work. I'd like to see him push this as he moves forward.

18 September 2012

Class 4: The King

And finally it's completed! Here is the rendered version of the King:

Class 5 starts next week, hopefully I'll have my new Progress Reel up by then. Spoiler - my next mentor is Arslan Elver, from Framestore UK! It's nice to have a mentor from the Old Continent for a change, let's see if he's as good as the yankees Chad, David, Mike and Erik. Also a few friends will be starting their AM journey, very excited for them!

02 September 2012

Class 4: The King is 90% done

Hey dudes & dudines!

That's that time of the week! For the less trained eyes for animation - about 99.9% of the mortals - this will look a lot like last week. But believe it or not, there's loads of work and time invested on those tiny almost invisible changes. Next week though, there will be an addition that will make all the difference - scenario, light, render. Look forward for it! Here it is, my last week's work: