27 April 2012

Class 3, Week 5 - Poker Saloon, Phantom Dance Blocking

Here I am, this is me, there's nowhere else on Earth I'd rather be,
..and I'm not Bryan Adams, I'm Fonz!
Any who, here we are with another week. This time I finished quite early, although I'll probably work a bit more on some small details through out the weekend. I'm rushing out because I have an animation project I must attend to, and it's in 3Ds Max (gasp!), so I have to learn the software and all. Later on, I'll reveal the animation if possible, but for now, I'll just ask you to focus your attention on my AM assignment!
I decided to make a poker scenario, it kinda fits to the music (Parov Stelar - The Phantom "1930's version") and the Italian mobster in NY I was going for. Plus, I LOVE poker. And I'm not a bad player either, I kinda miss being in England for the casinos. ANYHOW, here's the scenario I've done:

And here's my blocking thus far:

AND here's a little bonus for you: Revised football animation, with a better resolution and motion blur:

22 April 2012

Class 3, Week 4 - Football is done, let the dance begin!

Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, behold as one more assignment comes to and end!

And watch a new one being born!

This was a stressful week. I need rest, for tomorrow starts a new (busier) one!
That is all. Please go out of my blog as soon as possible please, I need to sleep, it's not cool that you're clicking around all the time.

16 April 2012

Class 3, Week 3 - Can he do it with a goalkeeper?

This is being a really amusing shot to animate! I'm having a lot of fun with it, also learning a lot. It's still a long way from finished and it could be better in some parts, but the real joy is in the ride. I added a goalkeeper... but Oh, the irony! He has no arms. Added a bit of humor to my non-cartoony shot! (About that, my next one will be cartoony).
Well keep tuned to see the final result next week, hopefully I'll be proud of it!

09 April 2012

Class 3, Week 2 - Blocking Football

Hey folks! So, i started blocking the football shot. In the Q&A, Mike Gasaway told us to keep it as simple as we possible could, giving us a maximum of 12 key poses. Too bad that by that time I had 27 poses done, and I hadn't even finished the shot! So, i finished the shot my way, and then deleted the poses that I didn't consider essential to tell the story. Here's the result:

02 April 2012

Class 3, Week 1 - Football!

It's always an amazing feeling to change class. And I couldn't be more excited about this one! As i had several time problems last term, making it hard to give 100% to animation, I decied to quit my job at A Bola TV. So now I'm doing AM full-time!
My class is pretty cool - For the 3rd time in a row, Tom Pinon and Sue Alves are my classmates. Also a re-encounter with Irina Wolf & Gergely Tatar, and I'm glad to be in the same class with the french troll, Timothée Billiet. My mentor is Mike Gasaway - I liked him, in the Q&A he was extremely energetic and fun
For this term, we were allowed to choose between AnimJam (work the entire 3 months in 2 or 3 shots that have continuity, that belong to the main story) or AnimExercise (3 completely different shots). I chose AnimExercise, as I think I'd get bored of my own story after so much time working on the same. My first shot is going to be about the big passion of my life - football. Here is the planning and reference:

I have a really good feeling about this shot! See you next week ;)