13 July 2013

TeamTO: My new studio in France!

So, big news! (and maybe old by now) - I got a job at TeamTO, an awesome studio in Valence, France,  that some really cool animated series for TV worldwide - it's one of the biggest studios of that kind in Europe. TeamTO is in Paris and Valence, but Valence is where all the animation is done. So in my point of view, it's the "cool" one! Valence is a nice and calm city in the southeast of France, between Lyon and Marseille. Here is a video that shows the studio, city and productions of TeamTO!

(As the video is not available anymore, you can check a cool interview about TeamTO here.)

The first week at the studio is over now, and I already was assigned to a project and started working on it. It's "Babar and the adventures of Badou", season 3. Babar is successful for years, I remember watching it in 2D when I was a kid (once I had a nightmare with Babar!) and it's awesome to work with this elephants! At the studio I have some friends from Animation Mentor that were hired at the same time as me, more or less. They are Timothée Billiet, Martijn van den Akker, Julien Reyes and Jordi Gaspar. Sadly, none of them was assigned to the same project as me :( But well I still get to see them everyday! And the studio is full of cool people, the ambient couldn't be better.

That's all for now I guess! Au revoir!