13 December 2011

Week 11 - Splinning the Personality Walk

I'm so sorry to be late this week! Got started early with the holiday celebrations and was enjoying life around Barcelona! Great start of the week, but now I have to settle down for a while and start working. First stop: Updating my blog! Whatever comes next, I'm afraid you'll have to wait to see! So this last week was heavy workwise. I had to redo the peg leg at leats 6 times! And still, I wasn't happy with the result. But first the pose (Balance) - it's a breakdancing rastafari. Why not? It's almost Christmas, after all...

Now about the peg walk, I chose to had some fun with the scenario, I did the bridge, waves and background myself and downloaded and modified the boat. Was hard to find a good angle for the walk, I think this was the best choice to show the animation in it's best. It's the assignment I'm the least satisfied with so far, but hey, hopefully me mentor Chad will give me some genius insights on how to improve it, as usual, and I'll be able to make it better!

And for the weekly bonus, I give you a 22min short from Dreamworks, based on one of their best movies to date, "How to Train Your Dragon". Enjoy, I promise it is worthy the time! (edit: ooops, video has been removed, guess that's not an option anymore... Well, enjoy the trailer then!)

04 December 2011

Week 10 - Personality Walk

Hey animators (and regular people too!). Here we are, we've reached week 10, which means 2 weeks left for the end of the term. It's amazing how time is flying in this school! This time I'll start out with the pose - exhaustion! Inspiration came from another AM«s student previous work i found on google, where a serial killer is tired of killing loads of innocent people. I've changed a bit the context, why not putting it on a Roman/Greek war instead? Who doesn't like Gladiators!? The final result was more or less like this:

Last week we had to do a Vanilla Walk. This week's flavor was to our own choice, the only requirement was to use our imagination to make a walk with personality, obeying to an harsh time constrain of 100 frames maximum! My walk is an wooden leg guy's walk. As you've maybe noticed already, I usually enjoy hurting my characters (look at my poses! There's always someone/thing hurt!) - don't have a bad impression of me tho, I love people and animals! <3 - sooo anyway I'd LOVE to make my character fall of a cliff, resulting in the comic yet unfortunate loss of the only leg he still has! Here it is:

And for this week's weekly bonus (i love to say that!) I give you Gotcha, my faithful dog! This is me recording myself for reference, but he came over and just stole the show. Also, I'd like you to see this amazing showreel of the Animation Studio "Blur". Cool game cinematics, commercials, really top stuff! And thumbs up for the song!