26 February 2012

Class 2, Week 8 - Blocking in the Graveyard

So last week I handed my planning late and I ended up not uploading it to the blog. I tried to make it funny, but with much more physicality than the previous assignment. Here it is, at last!:

So, it's a dead person coming back to life. I guess I've been watched too much "Supernatural" last week! And here's the blocking:

21 February 2012

Crossing roads and Brittish Award

Hey boys and girls! So this is my last assignment. Not 100% happy with it, will do some changes to it later on, if I find the time. Here it is:

And, great news everyone! Do you remember Alien vs Robot, my work for The University of Salford? It won an award: Royal Television's Society - Student Television Award for best animation.

"Hi Afonso,
You won the Royal TV Society student award (North West region) last night for your film Alien vs Robot.
Well done! There was a lot of competition from all the Universities and Colleges in the North West.
The National competition takes place in London later in the year so we will forward any info for you to attend."

So this way I'm nominated to win the National Competition, which will take place later in the year. During the last few years there were always 3 final contestants, so I'm guessing I'm on these 3! Here is the award-winning animation! I hope that in a few months I'll be confident enough of my animation skills I'm learning at Animation Mentor to go in, improve the project and continue it, making a few more episodes. Anyway, here it is:

12 February 2012

Class 2, Week 6 - Paint it Black

Hey folks! So I'll make this one really short - I'm about to leave to work. Since last week, the main changes are the camera angle, the overall colors of the shot, and changing the beginning and ending. I had it repeated so Vimeo allowed me to upload it, it was too small! Here it is:

05 February 2012

Class 2 Week 5 - Zebras and Traffic Lights

And it started! First Blocking phase is done and hopefully I will start splining this bad boy soon enough. I also changed the planning. this week I barely had any time during the week to work on animation, only had Saturday and Sunday really. Here's how it's looking so far (by the way, Camera 2 was just a test, don't pay too much attention to that part, it's bad!):

And the new backstory:
And for the weekly news, I'd like to announce I'm working full time in a Sports TV Channel, as Assistant Director :) My job consists mainly of controlling what happens during live shows, such as news, live press conferences, etc. I started last week and I love it so far. The Channel is not on air yet but it will go online soon, I'll share when it is. The TV Channel belongs to a Sports Newspaper, here's their website: A BOLA
See you next week!