26 August 2012

Class 4: The King is talking! Hail the talking King!

Good morning/day/afternoon mortals!
This week was the hardest so far in Animation degree. due to the crazy amount of work. Without getting in technical details, I had to work on every part of the body, refining the movements, made lipsync (for the first time! It's not quite there tho) and eye movement, facial expressions... Anyway, it kept me busy for the whole week and I didn't do much apart from animating.

Here's the result! It's not final tho, I still have 2 weeks to take it to final. It will look much better then I'm sure!

20 August 2012

Class 4: Sneak-peak at my first Dialogue

Hey yaw! So, after so many months of learning and sitting by the computer while the other kids played outside, I'm working on my first dialogue! It's still weeks far away from completion, but it's on the way. After the last 2 assignments, where I felt like I was loosing the spark a bit, this one is being totally fun to work on. If you're a Python fan like myself, I'm sure you know this sound clip on the references. I built a little set and dressed the Bishop Rig, here's a render:

Here are my refs:

And lastly but not the least (quite the contrary old chap) here's how it's looking at the moment:

Class 4: Pantomine shot - Done!

Hey'all! So I didn't keep my promise to keep this updated weekly again... This time I'll be wiser and NOT promise it! Class 4 is a lot harder than the previous ones and when I finished a shot the last thing I want to do is be in front of my laptop some minutes more for the blog. Not that I don't like it. Well, blame Canada! So, I'm not proud of this shot. I had a lot of issues with staging and camera, had to redo some parts of the shot over and over, and have to admit that I lost the motivation to work on it 100% as I realized I didn't like my idea as i thought and I made everything over complicated. I doubt this is showreel material, maybe someday I'll go back on it and make it better. Here it is: