20 August 2012

Class 4: Pantomine shot - Done!

Hey'all! So I didn't keep my promise to keep this updated weekly again... This time I'll be wiser and NOT promise it! Class 4 is a lot harder than the previous ones and when I finished a shot the last thing I want to do is be in front of my laptop some minutes more for the blog. Not that I don't like it. Well, blame Canada! So, I'm not proud of this shot. I had a lot of issues with staging and camera, had to redo some parts of the shot over and over, and have to admit that I lost the motivation to work on it 100% as I realized I didn't like my idea as i thought and I made everything over complicated. I doubt this is showreel material, maybe someday I'll go back on it and make it better. Here it is:

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