02 April 2012

Class 3, Week 1 - Football!

It's always an amazing feeling to change class. And I couldn't be more excited about this one! As i had several time problems last term, making it hard to give 100% to animation, I decied to quit my job at A Bola TV. So now I'm doing AM full-time!
My class is pretty cool - For the 3rd time in a row, Tom Pinon and Sue Alves are my classmates. Also a re-encounter with Irina Wolf & Gergely Tatar, and I'm glad to be in the same class with the french troll, Timothée Billiet. My mentor is Mike Gasaway - I liked him, in the Q&A he was extremely energetic and fun
For this term, we were allowed to choose between AnimJam (work the entire 3 months in 2 or 3 shots that have continuity, that belong to the main story) or AnimExercise (3 completely different shots). I chose AnimExercise, as I think I'd get bored of my own story after so much time working on the same. My first shot is going to be about the big passion of my life - football. Here is the planning and reference:

I have a really good feeling about this shot! See you next week ;)

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  1. I know you went for professional references as well at the Stadium!!! At Bilbao you would find really good ones ;P