29 August 2011

The Blog is Born!

So, as I'm currently eagerly waiting for my AM classes to start and I'm preparing myself as well as I possibly can, I decided to give birth to this online wonder called blog! As I've noticed that countless other students/mentors/professional animators/wannabes have one, I had a quick peak at some of them and they are informative, useful, and fun! The main goal of mine will be keep people who are not in AM informed about my progress and work, and to give people I'll meet in the future through AM some insight of my backgrounds. Also, it makes me feel damn important and cool!

So if you read this far, thanks a lot for the interest!
Cheers and I'll do my very best to keep this updated.



  1. Hey welcome to blogspot! I'm using blogspot too. We can share our animation journey on the blogs now.

  2. Forget to add. I'm Yong Kang from Animation Mentor. Just in case you don't know who I am. haha...