08 October 2012

Class 5 - Camera Layout & Story

My first dialogue is starting! (last assignment counts as a monologue). Couldn't be happier with how the idea evolved, with the great help of Arslan's ideas. I'm very pleased with my new mentor and excited about this shot. It's cool how every mentor is different and cool in his own way. Arslan, Erik, Mike, they all have their own ways to give the Q&A's, critiques, very different from each other, and it's cool the amount of things we can take from them. Anyway, I chose #1 from last week's options, here is the first camera test (don't mind the poses! animations is at stage ZERO!) Oh and before, the "story" behind the shot:

And also see how lame I can look! Go ahead and laugh at my sad acting:

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  1. Acho que está perfeito a partir do Goldfish. Por enquanto não dá para perceber mto bem o que vais fazer com os personagens antes disso! Mas o texto é hilariante! Mal posso esperar para ver a animação feita =) força nisso! Abraço!