04 November 2012

Class 5: 40% done and first animation job!

Hey folks!

First of all, sorry to take so long since the last post - 2/3 weeks without uploading I think it was.

Good news! I've started working on an Animation Studio! I'm contracted as a freelancer to help them with all the work they have now - which is a really good sign, despite the national crisis here in Portugal and all the firing and downsizing everywhere, these guys need to hire extra people so they can handle all the work! The studio is called Illusive (link on the bottom left menu, on the tab "studios I like") and as i believe I'm not supposed to reveal anything, I'll just tell you we're working in a commercial for a country from another continent :) I'll be happy to share it all when I am allowed! Another side note, they work with XSI Softimage instead of Maya, but I've adapted already, although I'd say my animation speed & quality in that software is just still about 75% compared to my "full power" on Maya.

And, back to my Animation Mentor work. Here's what I've been working on: Sequence 1 ("RED") is fully splined, almost final. Green and Yellow (2&4) sequences are still in rough blocking, and the BLUE sequence (3) is currently on Blocking+ (although it's splinned, it isn't refined and there's no lipsync at all).

Hope you enjoy it! Ciaoo

(if you can't watch the video it's vimeo's fault, please come back later)

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