20 January 2013

Class 6: The End continues

Hey mom and couple of other random blog readers! (I joke, I have hundreds and hundreds of loyal followers).

My mentor, Sean, picked up line n3 from last week! Which means I'll be doing a Italian Gangster shot for the next few weeks. Thank you Marcello Alvarez, friend and AM alumni, for helping me shooting videoref for it!

After making a rough layout for that, it was time to pimp up the King shot with some more adjustments and make it all fancy and pretty with the render. It might not be final yet, but it has never been any closer!

AND (busy week, had to take some breakfasts for champions this week) I still made the first adjustments on the "Bad Luck" shot, and started to do the missing part. I'll keep the video of that a secret until next week, I think there's not enough new stuff in there worth an upload! Ironically, that's the shot I wrote more for in the blog. Stupid Fonz!

Here it goes, all together:


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