13 January 2013

The End begins

Class 6! The end is near.
So I couldn't be more motivated right now. Week 1 and 2 are goners, and I think I've never had such a busy start of the term! My mentor is Sean Sexton (DreamWorks) and he's awesome! If animation was football, he would play for Barcelona or Real Madrid. In his critiques, he's awfully honest, which is exactly what I wished for class 6.
So the goal of this class is to put together our work, spice it up with one or two new shots, mix it all up and come out with the best showreel we can. My mission for the week was to improve "The King" shot, and start thinking on ideas for what Imma gonna do next! I've also built a new whole scenario for the King. Check it all out below. Ciao!

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