07 October 2011

Week 2 - First real assignment, posing STU!

And here I am for week 2 update. This week I'm finishing early (Friday) as I won't have any free time this weekend, as my girlfriend's family are now doing a 10 hour long car trip to visit me in Lisbon, from Spain!
About the assignment now, we were required to go outside to a public place and start drawing people in a simplified way, the only thing that matters here was the "pose", and not the drawing skills or detail on the sketches. I did some tries and it was awful at first. Then I read Wayne Gilbert's "Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation" (http://anamie.com/anamie_book.html) and it all became easier. I also got some inspiration from comics and draw some cool poses. Here they are:

Posing STU was more complicated than I expected, I've done loads of options and 2 different poses. In the end I preferred the Shovel pose from a sideways point of view, mainly because the silhouette. Here they are:

To end this week's post, I'd like to thank to all the people who gave me feedback, they've made my work much easier. People from AM are incredibly helpful and cool! Here's a picture from our Q&A:

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