30 October 2011

Week 5 - Squash&Stretch it!

Hey folks, week 5 is over and I have to say, this week was a lot of fun! The lecture was about the principles of Anticipation, where Squash and Stretch were widely explored. It was interesting to watch as always, there was a part when Shawn Kelly showed us a "no anticipation land", to explain how vital is anticipation, even if you're animating "realistically" - anticipation is everywhere, no matter how small it is!
To demonstrate we mastered the notions learned, we had to animate our old friend Bouncing Ball (spoiler: it's the last time!) going through an obstacle course! With the frame limit just at 120, we had to come up something cool, using (and editing) one of 11 possible scenarios provided by AM. My choice was to edit my own, resulting in this:

First Part is with motion blur, disallowed for the "official" assignment, and the second one is without, therefore, the official one.

And, STU is back to get Posed big time! This week's emotion was Devastation. I made a tad exaggerated theatrical one - and also, to show the actor's true feelings, I killed his pet squirrel on stage. Sadly, I've discovered that I'll need that squirrel for one of my future assignments. Bummer.

And the weekly bonus:
This Sunday I went to "Festival Internacional de Banda Desenhada 2011" (www.amadoradb.com), which is pretty much the Portuguese version of Comic-Con, and I've met Filipe Andrade in person! Filipe is an award-winning illustrator who's working for Marvel, in America. We've just spoken briefly online before, and it was so cool to chat with him - he sketched this while we were speaking!

You can find his blog on the "cool people" tab, on the left side menu of my blog. Check it out!
That is all, see you next week!

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