16 October 2011

Week 3 - Excited about Bouncing Balls

And week 3 it's coming to the end! Two hours before the deadline and everything is ready to go.
This week there were two different assignments:
For the first one, like last week, we had to sketch some simplified pose drawings and then use the pose on STU in Maya. Only difference this week was that we had to give a feeling of excitement to the pose. Here are my sketches and the final pose:

The second part of the assignment was to animate (yes!) a simple bouncing ball on Maya, based on how a basketball or football would do it - we had to search/film some video reference. This is how mine turned out, I'm quite happy with the final result even tho I wasn't very creative on this one! I was trying to learn the basic stuff so I can innovate in the next bouncing assignments!

And great news, everyone! I've an awesome Peer Buddy (peer buddy is someone who is more advanced in AM than you and is your own student-mentor!). She's from the UK, I present to you Tegan Jephcott! here's her blog

And here's the bonus printscreen of this week's Q&A with Chad! (pay attention to the chat box).


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