23 October 2011

Week 4 - Dealing with weights

That's it, 1 month of Animation Mentor as already passed by! I feel like these next 17 months will pass FAST.
So this week was all about Timing and Spacing, which combined are one of the Principle of Animation. We were taught on how to use it depending on other factors such as Weight, Inertia, Momentum, Gravity, Acceleration and Deceleration. Keys, Inbetweens, Slow-in and Slow-out, among others, were concepts also successfully brain-washed into our brains! So bottom line, we had to learn all this to animate this amazingly complicated, creative and awesome scene, full of emotional breakdowns and story twists: The 5-second 2 Ball bounce. Our assignment was to use time and spacing in order to show the difference of weights on two balls, through animation. You're right, I lied about the scene, but it was still pretty interesting to do!
This week I followed my mentor's wise advice and I did my planning BEFORE i actually animated the scene! Here it is:

I know, it looks awesome, with different color pencils and all! From this, I've animated and re-animated and counter-animated and angry-animated my scene several times - I'm sorry, I've lied again. I'm never sad or angry when I animate) - and with the help of my awesome peer buddy, my cool class-mates and this campus mentor dude who casually dropped by, improved it until I got my final result:

And there was no pose this week :( Next week though we can canalize all our positive energies on sketching and posing the pose of DEVASTATION, so look forward to that please!


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  1. Cool! Ganda Fonzo! Acho que está tudo lá! Só duas piquinhices, acho que a bola pesada deveria ter um easy in mais evidenciado antes de parar, estagna de uma forma um pouco brusca (quando visto à lupa :P), nota-se mais no playblast que tens os controls activados. A outra cena é depois da bola pequena bater no chão (logo a seguir a bater na grande) parece que ganha velocidade, talvez porque avança demasiado para a frente em relação ao timming. Mas mais uma vez está muita fixe!