08 November 2011

Week 6 - The Pendulum

Damn! The first phrase is always the hardest, then it just kinda flows! So I'll just start with a simple: Hey! Lost some minutes there deliberating a cool entry start, this one got lousy tho! Sorry for that, let's move on.
This week we had to work on overlapping action, successive breaking of joints, follow-through, drag, all of that good jazz! It looks easy and simple on paper, but when we get down to animating it, all that magical world of easiness, rainbows and fancy unicorns disappears! In my opinion this way, by far, the hardest assignment so far! And I made it a bit harder by adding a bouncing ball (just couldn't get enough of animating that). Here's the final result:

And my initial Planning:

And just so I can give you a reason to check this weekly other than to meanly laugh of my assignments, here's my weekly bonus of the week!
It was just another fresh Autumn end of the day, waiting for a Q&A that never was to start I was. Suddenly, a ray of bright white light comes from my window, as everything in my room starts to levitate and shake. The angels start to sing, and a lonely tear comes to my eye... Bobby Beck is talking to me individually on the AM chat box, by his own initiative! I run and I jump and I scream and I cheer and I cry of happiness! For those who don't know - shame on them - Bobby is one of the 3 co-founders of Animation Mentor, a legendary animator from another planet who everyone admires! He worked on all the big names, he's to me what Kelly Slater is to my surfer brother!
He was super nice, he was after some student's point of view of the school, and wanted to check if everything was going well with me, both in and out of the animation world! I congratulated him for his recently born first child, and we chatted a little bit before he had to leave to do something awesome, probably saving puppies from a fire or defeating a two-headed Godzilla. Or whatever awesome people do nowadays. Here's a pic of the chat!


  1. Your pendulum turned out great Fonzo!
    And chatting to Bobby personally - awesome :D

  2. Hey Fonzo!! I came to see your weekly post!! as I know you always respect the deadline here as well!! ;D
    And what I see?!! well, the pendulum I knew, and your funny writting!! but the chat with Bobby!! wow!! that is great!!!!you had to be really excited!! I am also!!! hehehe!!!you have to tell me!
    well, keep it up with your blog!!! is really cool! I ´ll try to catch you this week..hehe!:D

  3. yes Miren it was really exciting! I'll keep an eye on your blog them ;)