18 November 2011

Week 8 - Introduction to Walk Cycles

Hi ladies and gentle-animators. Seems like this week I've done everything too fast! It's only Friday and I'm happy with what I have. I'll upload my assignments, but if I change something I'll upload the new version.
This week we started a 2 week long assignment, called the Vanilla Walk. "In what differs a Vanilla Walk from, say, a Chocolate one?" some of you might wisely ask. A Vanilla walk is the most simple walk possible, without any personality. The type of walk a normal person, in a normal day, is walking from one place to another, for no reason, would do. In this week we're supposed to Block the Animation, making the key poses of the walk, which in a 24 frame two step cycle would mean 6 frames actually animated. We have to make a 4 step walk cycle, which means 48 frames long! next week we'll smooth it out, and working on the timing of everything. Here's mine:

And the planning:

Also poses are back. The theme: Physical Strength. I took this one a bit far, as I used it to serve my sweet revenge against Tailor, the really hard character to animate! instead of 1 pose, I did 3 poses, who work together as a single on, or at least that's what it is suppose to!

And some sketches I did on a train - the trembling made it really hard!

And for this week's bonus, I leave you with some trailers that are rocking the animation world! Ice Age 4 (will Scrat ever get boring), Brave (next Pixar film, based in the clans of Scotland!) and Immortals, a movie that I found out today but it looks very promising!

And here's tha making of some animation and 3D effects of Immortals - Pretty impressive!

And for last, I'd like to let you know that I'm meeting more AMers, based in barcelona, Spain! Dan Raigorodsky, who is starting in Winter, and Carles Salvany, who is already on the Acting classes, both from Barcelona. I've met Dan and I'll see Carles on Monday, before i return to Portugal. Also, good to know that Kiko Romano is being awesome at his 3D degree in 9zeros, in barcelona as well ;)


  1. Hey Fonzo!!!! easy work this week in AM..isn´t it? that , or you are a quick and hard-working animator!! ;)
    Really funny an interesting post this week as always , but I am really looking forward to the chocolate-strawberry walk!!!xD

  2. ...OR both! :D
    haha choco-strawberry will be awesome!