27 November 2011

Week 9 - Introduction to Walk Cycles (Part II)

What a week! I had way less time to work on the assignments - I didn't do any work until Wednesday, as I was in Barcelona spending some quality time before I left to Portugal once again. There were 3 birthday dinners, one of them which happened twice - my brother's, who turned 18! (Now he can go to jail, just like I already can, but we won't hopefully. Saturday night was also pretty big, as the two football clubs from my home city, Lisbon, clashed against each other! My team lost, but at least our supporters gave hell to their stadium... it was literally burning! And also I got a new addiction, which I will control in the coming weeks, but I'll leave that part for the weekly bonus section.
Now, about the assignments. This weeks we were supposed to finish last week's work - fill those empty frames, spline those stepped keys, unblock the blocking! It was harder than I first thought, but that happening doesn't surprises me anymore. Only someone who knows how to animate or to create 3D stuff in general really understands how hard it all is. It looks so easy from the cinema bench! Here's my final result - Can't wait to hear my mentor's eCritique, I know it can improve in a lot of ways but I'll need some guidance with that! Here it is:

And once again, and for the last time in the full AM course (!) we had to pose STU. This week's feeling was "Concern". I choose to illustrate it with fair-play between 2 rival football players, as it was Derby week. It looked more or less like this:

And that's that. In this week's bonus I'd like to share an awesome videogame. It's called Skyrim, it comes from a line of games that I didn't really heard of before (Elder Scrolls), but I've been playing it this week for a while, it's quite cool! You are free to do what you want in the game, go wherever you want, the world is Huge! The soundtrack is amazing, it's the most interesting game I've seen, the studio did a great job, I would love to work with them! Here's a video about it:

And yes, this is the new addiction I was telling you about :)


  1. Great animation Fonzo! Looks really fluid, nice one! Ahah I was addicted to the game before Skyrim, Oblivion. I want to try Skyrim too, but first I need to find some free time hehe. Keep it up, you're doing great ;)

  2. Obrigado Sergio! :)