14 November 2011

Week 7 - Meet Tailor!

Hey again! So I'm a tad tight on time to do this one, I'll rush it a bit. This week's assignment was to animate Tailor, one of the least animated characters in the Animation Mentor course, yet one of the most famous and without any doubts, the most popular! He's a ball with a furry tail attached, fact that somehow makes him a squirrel. It's like Scratch from Ice Age, but without legs, arms, spine, eyes, mouth, nose, and so many more stuff that a ball doesn't have!
It was fun yet hard to animate it. That's a good thing, I learned so many things from it! I did 957 versions, and I think I've changed every single key twice. By the end, I decided to delete a big part of my animation so I could animate it frame by frame, control by control, and I think the result was pretty satisfying. It was just like last week, where we had to animate the pendulum, but now the "pendulum" was not only affected by the physical movement of Tailor's body (the ball), but also by his personality, his feelings. That resulted in a contrast between Happy and Frightened, regarding tail movement, and that was a nice final touch. Enough of blabla, here's the video. Again, Motion-Blur first, and the normal assignment version afterwards. Oh oh, and by the way, first time I didn't use the maximum frame limit. It was 120 frames maximum, I used only 96! I hope Chad let's me use the ones I saved for next week's assignment!

Sadly, I can't think of any cool animation related weekly bonus today. I'll just share this video, shared by my mom on Facebook. In these times of crisis, it's inspiring to see a video of this nature, I hope it touches you! English audio, Portuguese subtitles:

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