10 May 2013

11 Second Club: Gulp!

Gulp! One third of the month gone! Good part is, two thirds of the animation are close to final! I never thought it would go this fast, I was expecting having more trouble with time management... But well, truth is, without AM's weekly critiques everything goes much, much faster! Even without all the file problems I had - more recently, setting up the chains rig - I did this in a week worth of animation. So, I'm pretty happy with myself, I'm not as slow as I thought I was! Just a bit less ;)

Technical note: The chain rig is pretty simple: It's like an IK arm, with 10 elbows!

"Buuuuh, shush Fonz, just show us the video update"

Alright, alright, jeez, here it is:


  1. nice expressions man...cant wait to see the whole stufg!

  2. Who are we? Fonzo Fans ! What do we want? UPDATES !