07 May 2013

11 Second Club: It moves, it moves!

Hey señores and señoras. One thing I've been struggling is, the staging of the 1st shot. I know how bad it is to make camera changes in animation, but following the feedback of my awesome animator friends, I had a though decision to make. They said the Roman Soldier should be "bigger on cam", because he is a bit too far away, and the attention of the shot is on him. I experimented a little, and these are the options: (please ignore that the helmets are missing in one of them).


 which one should I choose? I think I'll use the original one (the 1st), but maybe you can change my mind... share your thoughts please! 

 Since last update, I have move forward in the 1st shot - haven't touched the others yet. The basic part of making him "move" is done, still a lot of work in small details, but well the main part is there. I have to animate the prisoner's legs, just keep them alive. That will be HARD! Luckily, Arslan Elver gave me awesome tips on how to keep things still but not dead, and will rely on those teachings in this particular part of the shot! here it is:



  1. Fonzo! i would pick the second shot however the first would look great if you'd also show feet of the slave guy. or at least give it a try, see how it looks. and i really like those smooth mooves of the roman soldier boss :) great job!

  2. I'm not your friend, I do it for the money.