02 May 2013

11 Second Club, the race begins!

As I've promised, I am entering this month's competition of 11 Second Club. For the ones who don't know the competition, "11SC" is a monthly animation competition, where animators from around the world participate, from absolute starters to industry professionals. Usually, around 300 people participate in it! The same 11 seconds of dialogue are used by every participant, which makes it really interesting, because we get to see how everyone interprets it, the stories that are created.
I will put my progress here as detailed and often as I have never have! I will try to make it daily.
I am really happy with this month's soundfile (hear it here), sometimes it's not as interesting as this month's! But, because of my availability, I HAD to participate in this month, so whatever came, I would animate it.
I have already come up with what the shot will be like. The characters are ready to animate, tonight I should have the cameras set-up ready too, as well as the scenario. Tomorrow (or tonight, if I can) I will do the detailed storyboard, with every action and movement on it, as well as record video reference - I won't rely too much on it this time tho.
So, I'll save some of the juice for other posts, and today, the only thing I'm going to reveal is... the characters! Hope you like them, even without knowing what they will do in the animation. (And yes, I know, 4 characters in one shot... but don't worry, I have it under control! ;)

And here's the dialogue I'll be animating:
"You come from a family of thieves. And now, like all guilty men, you try to rewrite your own history."

Oh, almost forgot! I have made a new render on the Mafia shot. Check it out! I didn't upload it in separate so this is the full reel.. but don't worry, i wont make you watch it again. It's the first shot in it!
See you tomorrow!

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