18 May 2013

11 Second Club: Not final, but close enough!

Hey worldwide fans! By fans, I mean Mom, Dad, the girl, and the stalker who is reading this right now!

Last week, as all the animation was going faster than expected, I relaxed a bit too much. I still need the promised holidays after AM, and never stopped! So, for a couple of days, I didn't dare to touch Maya. I was back at it yesterday, and because of all the pressure from everybody (by everybody I mean Tom Pinon) here's my latest update.

The new part is the last, it's far from finished, lot of weird stuff going on, but on the good way. This time I tried yet another workflow: Animating "straight-forward". That means that I had the initial pose only, and I started animatign with splines right off the bat, "feeling the flow" and with no real solid plan. Tomorrow, maybe after, it will be finished, and after some general polishing I'll hit the render button!

Here it is. Fans, please thank Tom Pinon personally for this update!


  1. I'm not a stalke Fonzo! hahahahahh
    Did you take inspiration by spartacus?
    Very nice anyway!

    1. You are right, you are not a stalker! If you were, you would know that yes i was influenced by Spartacus, I say so in the first post! ^^ Thanks for dropping by Yurini!!!

  2. I don't know who this Tom is but he seems to be a very nice guy.