15 January 2012

Class 2, Week 2 - Blocking to Final

Olá amigos! After the long break between term 1 and 2, I was really scared of opening Maya! Mostly because I was afraid of my computer exploding or imploding, as I had some really annoying problems with it during the break. But it seems that his bad days are gone, everything went smooth!
So. This week I had to make all my key-poses and important in-betweens from my planning. So it's normal that parts of the animation you're about to see (who am I fooling, everyone just watches the video first, I'm even lucky if you're reading this!) will feel a bit... not well animated. That's because of the 24 pictures that make a second of film, maybe less than half are done! The most important are, and with them you're supposed to understand the action. Here it is:

Hopefully next week everything will be looking better! For this week's weekly bonus, I give you an animated success of the internet, the asdf movies! Really simple animation, stupid ideas, great humor! Why have a story, right? here they go! Enjoy!

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