23 January 2012

Class 2, Week 3 - Splinning the backflip

Hey everyone! I'm back for this week's blog post :)
This week we were supposed to take our blocking shot and continue working on it, as far as we could. I managed to get out of the blocking phase and took it too splined mode - meaning that every frame is different now. I changed a lot of areas as you'll notice, and it's looking much more dynamic! Here's the result:

As for the weekly bonus for this week, I'd like to announce and congratulate the awesome success of one of my upper class mates, Alyssa Lee, who just got a job at Dreamworks! Although it's an entry level for now, I'm pretty sure she will rock the house and make her way up in the company! Go girl! ;) I hope to fly as high someday! She has a blog too: http://www.doublealee.com/blog/


  1. Hei Fonzo is much much better, I really like the lasts frames when the cahrachter touchs the floor and the follow through of the movment really good!

  2. olá Romano, está soberbo, desde a preparação (gostei do tipo a ganhar coragem) até à receção.