08 January 2012

Class 2, Week 1 - Walk-Through: Clarity in Blocking

It's sooo good to be back on AM! Loads of new people, I see myself in some of them, the old me, a long time ago... Actually it's just 3 months, but just being in AM it's such a big deal for me that it's an important change on my life. This week I'm going to write on everyone's workspace a text with some tips, from my own experience. Hope they like it!
Anyway, back to the blog owner's work. This week we had to choose a main action for our shot from a picklist. My choice was "backflip". My mentor David Tart told us in the Q&A to keep the shot really simple, so we can concentrate in the animation. So here's my "simple planning":

And here's my video reference:

Now let's see how it goes, hope that in 3 weeks time I'll have a cool animation!

Oh, I almost forgot, here's the weekly bonus. Did you know that Pixar uses the same yellow van in every single movie? Check it out! Pixar's Yellow Van

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