27 January 2012

Class 2, Week 4 - Bye Backflip, Hello Wind Run!

Greetings! That's right, I finished early this week.
I'm proud to say that I'm happy with the final result of my backflip! I made a little nice render, and everything is looking better. Everyday I would change pretty small things - polishing - taking the advice of very helpful friends! A particular moment made my week: Bobby "BOOM" Beck, the head and founder of Animation Mentor, a true animation legend, complimented my shot! I quote him
"Overall ROCK SOLID AWESOME. GREAT job breaking things up. WOW, excellent execution!"
I had an instant Nerdasm! Regardless to say what these words meant to me. I feel really motivated to keep giving my best and pushing myself. Here is the very final version of the shot:

And, for this week, we have a new challenge! We have to plan a mew shot, chosen from a picklist made by AM. I picked "Wind Run" (fast run and quickly change directions). And I will be FUN this time! Hope the drawings speak for themselves, because I'm not feeling particularly poetic right now! Here they are:

And, to finalize, I remind you that the Oscars for best Animation Film is coming! Which one is your favorite? Rango all the way for me!

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  1. Rango, Rango, Rango! and puss in boots too. Let them all win