04 January 2012

Class 2 has started!!!

Finally, Animation Mentor is back! This roughly two week stop was insane, I would wake up everyday without knowing what to do. Christmas, New Year's Eve and my lovely girlfriend's visit helped to pass the time tho, and now here we are! There were a couple of reasons that led me to look forward for this to start: meeting my new mentor, my new class, and see some people that I know starting on Class 1. I wish them luck - Edgar and Sergio Martins, the Portuguese twins of awesomeness, and Dan Raigorodsky, the awesome Spanish friend! None of them are in Chad Stewart's class, shame on that, hope I'll be the peer buddy of one of them :)
So, let's get it on with the news. My mentor is David Tart. You probably don't recognize him but you've seen it several times in the big screen - on the credits of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Bug's Life, For the Birds, Robots and others. Pretty impressive right?? Here's his showreel:

And I chuckled when I saw my class - 7 out of the 15 (including me) are in my class again! They are: Gurleen, Miren, Siggi, Sue, Tom and Vikram (and me). And we have some yankees now too! The rest of the class is: Irina Wolf (GER), Jocelyn Dombroski (USA), Joelle Saveliev (USA), Justin Hwang (USA), Michelle Green (USA), Nathan Lovato (FRA), Samantha Watha (USA), Timothy Griffith (USA). And no map this week, aww :(

See you next week with some work done!


  1. Very nice Mentor Fonzo! *.* very happy for you! Enjoy your class 2 and good work!

  2. Iei Fonzo!!! have a great T2 lear and enjoy a lot!